Chicago00:  A Century of Progress


Presented by the Chicago History Museum and Geoffrey Alan Rhodes.


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Chicago00:  A Century of Progress is a virtual reality experience of Chicago's 1933 World’s Fair. Historical images from the Chicago History Museum’s photography and film archives are combined with contemporary 360 degree site photography to immerse audiences in an experience of a specific place and time in the past. Chicago00:  A Century of Progress provides a unique view into the fleeting and sensational city within a city that attracted nearly 50 million visitors to the shores of Lake Michigan in the midst of the Great Depression.

The Chicago 00 Project is a partnership between the Chicago History Museum and filmmaker Geoffrey Alan Rhodes to create new media experiences with the Chicago History Museum’s extensive archive of historical imagery and to tell Chicago stories in the places they happened. The first two installments of the project offered an augmented reality tour along the Chicago Riverwalk where the SS Eastland capsized in 1915, and a virtual reality tour at the site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.







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  The St. Valentine's Day Massacre VR

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Presented by the Chicago History Museum and Geoffrey Alan Rhodes.

Chicago00The St. Valentine's Day Massacre offers a six minute 360 VR interactive video with narration that can be viewed through Google Cardboard or 'magic window' mode, and the ability to zoom-in to examine individual archival photographs and learn more with extensive text captions.

The story brings photographs and documents from the Chicago History Museum's archive to the site of the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre at 2122 N Clark St., featuring selections from the collections of the Chicago History Museum, Chicago Tribune Archive Photo/TNS, the John Binder Collection, and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. The photos collected here, some well-known, some rare, tell this familiar Chicago story in a new and compelling way.




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These 360° virtual reality YouTube videos and streetview images offer a look at the site of the St Valentine's Day Massacre: the second installment of the The Chicago 00 project. These immersive, interactive experiences work with or without a virtual reality viewer, and put the user in the shoes of the photographers who captured this infamous moment in Chicago history.

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  The Eastland Disaster

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CHICAGO 00 | The Eastland Disaster (2016)

The Chicago 00 Project is a partnership between the Chicago History Museum and filmmaker Geoffrey Alan Rhodes to produce and publish a series of site-specific, multimedia experiences that showcase the Museum's film, photo, and sound archive. This episode features over 70 captioned historical photographs and newsreel films showing the disaster and ensuing relief efforts on the river where the Eastland capsized in 1915.

"Chicago 00 The Eastland Disaster" is an Augmented Reality experience that takes place along the Chicago riverwalk between Clark and LaSalle Streets: the site of one of the largest nautical disasters in U.S. history, the capsizing of the SS Eastland in 1915. The app provides an AR Tour, specifically designed to be used along Chicago’s riverwalk, and a VR Gallery of images that can be viewed anywhere. Together they reveal the story of the disaster in a new and visceral way.

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'Chicago 00' refers to the corner of State and Madison where the city’s street numbering begins; this was the site of our first AR experience prototypes: users discovered in downtown locations images from the last century while standing in the exact location as photographers long ago. In 2015, our first prototype--an AR experience around the corner of State and Madison--was demoed as a live AR tour. With production grant funding from the Princess Grace Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, the first 'episode' of the Chicago 00 project, an immersive AR experience on the site of the Eastland Disaster, was published to the Apple and Android app stores October 2016. Further episodes are in development: explorations of the history of the Chicago River, the modern skyscraper, the Chicago Fire, and Chicago's two world expositions. Each episode explores this new medium and channel for sharing Chicago's rich media archives with the public: history embedded in the objects and places of our city.

You can see our past prototypes and tour events, here.

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CHICAGO 00 | The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (2017)




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CHICAGO 00 | The Eastland Disaster (2016)


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